"Teenage Hang-Ups" EP released February 1980  
     "Teenage Hang-Ups" rear sleeve
     "Wonderful World of Appliances" EP released  in late 1980
     "Wonderful World of Appliances" rear insert
     "Wonderful World of Appliances" lyric sheet
     "Wonderful World of Appliances" photo on back of lyric sheet
     "Washarama" released in July 1981
     "Moo" released in July of 1985
     "Moo" rear album cover
     "Moo" booklet included in album
     "Moo" booklet rear cover
     "Girl Of 1000 Smells" EP was released in 1987 .
     "Girl Of 1000 Smells" was produced on white vinyl.  This is the Russian side.  
     "Girl Of 1000 Smells" English side
     "Girl Of 1000 Smells" - English insert  
     "Girl Of 1000 Smells" - Russian insert
     "Girl Of 1000 Smells" - A Guide To Good Odors insert
     "Land of Plenty" CD is finally released in 1991.  David is the only real Judy on this one.
     "Land of Plenty" disc
     "Land of Plenty" rear cover
                  "Land of Plenty" booklet