Tony Scalzo (Fastball) : Bass

     Tony finally sold me his 1996 Fender Jazz bass (ser. # N564087) on February 3, 2005.  He handed it over to me after The Tony Scalzo Band played a gig at Rudyard's in Houston.  With Fastballer Joey Shuffield on drums, the last song Tony played on the bass was The Way.    

     This was Tony's primary bass that was used in virtually every Fastball concert and album from 1996 until 2004.  When Tony moved to guitar and piano, Jeff Groves was added to Fastball.  Jeff played this bass quite a bit in concert after that.  The bass appears in the 1998 videos Fire Escape  and Out of My Head  (version 1).




Misc. concert photos of the bass: * 






Jeff Groves and Miles Zuniga playing Tony's bass




     * Many thanks to  Matt Carmichael, Barry Brecheisen, &, D. Seagle for their live photos.



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