Set list from the Judy's First Reunion Show at Fitzgerald's on 9-15-84.

   Set list from the New Year's Eve Party at Diverse Works in Houston on 12-31-84.
    Royal Coach Inn with the Big Boys in Austin - 1980
     UT's Texas Union in Austin on 4-17-81
     The University of Houston on 12-4-81
     Rice University on 1-23-82
     New Year's Eve Party at Diverse Works in Houston on 12-31-84
     The First Reunion Show at Fitzgerald's on 9-15-84
     Austin Opera House on 9-29-84
     Cardboard poster from the Austin Opera House show on 3-23-85
     Numbers in Houston on 7-18-85
     Dane was out and Matthew was in on drums for this 2-14-87 show at the Arena Theater in Houston.   Pearlander Scott Krchnak was playing the sax.
     The Fast and Cool Club in Dallas on 7-15-87
     Xcess in Houston on 8-19-88




     Ticket stubs from various shows
     In this 1978 photo, Jeff and I are performing for the class
     David at the Houston Zoo in the spring of 1980
     Judy's pin from 1981
     This was a teaser for the Houston Chronicle's Zest Magazine story that ran on 3-15-81.
     David is wearing a home made shirt that has "Punk" spelled out in safety pins.
     David Bean's Pearland High School graduation photo from 1980
     Dane Cessac's 1980 PHS graduation photo
     Jeff Walton's PHS graduation photo from 1981
     Sam Roush's 1980 PHS graduation photo.  Sam was the Judy's guitar player who died just before  the EP "Teenage Hang-Ups" was released.
     Dane's game room doubled as their practice site. ("WWA" insert)
                "Washarama" rear cover photos - 1981
     This is a March 1982 photo from the Pearland school paper.  The Judy's open for the B-52's.
           "Moo" booklet photos - 1985
     David in his "Moo" milk man outfit.  Wireless magazine 1985.
     Wireless magazine 1985
     Live shot from Club Foot in Austin by Dixon
     Another shot from Club Foot by Dixon.
          1/30/82 Club Foot in Austin
     Moo stub from Lamar University
     This publicity shot for the Moo album appeared in the Houston Post on 7-25-85.
     Here is Jeff, Scott, Vanita, David, and Matthew from the 12-25-86 edition of the Dallas Observer.
        "Don't Be A Hippie" comb from 1988.  This was mailed out with the letter below.
     This 1988  letter was sent out to everyone who responded to the Judy's survey questions.  The comb was included.
   Insert photo from the CD "Land Of Plenty - 1991.  (Jeff is in photo, but not on CD)
     I'm modeling my Judy's shirt
     Austin Chronicle write up from 8-11-00.  In the Music News section by Ken Lieck  


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