David Bean

     Bean & the Dishes ad for their 3-30-84 show at 6th Street Live in Austin.  This was the best non-Judy's gig that David ever did.  Great costume changes and theatrics.
     Austin Statesman's review of the 3-30-84 show.
     Bean & the Dishes ad for their 9-21-84 concert at the Continental Club in Austin.
     Bean as the beautiful Kitten Kavana.
     David dressed in drag and performed as Arlene Kitten Kavana in this 8-4-84 show at Fitzgerald's in Houston.  The Dishes backed up Kitten that night.
     David Bean and the Dishes balloon
     This is a KLOL radio "Home Tapes" ad that appeared in the September 1984 Fitz Herald.   David was featured on 9-24.
     Kitten Kavana's letter to the staff at Fitzgerald's night club.
     Wireless magazine 3/17/83
           Wireless magazine 3/17/83
      "Modomusic" 1983 - Pink cover
     "Modomusic" - Blue cover
     "Modomusic" - Yellow cover
     Rear cover of "Modomusic"
     Insert from "Modomusic"
     Insert from "Modomusic"
        David had a remixed version of "My Imagination" included on the anthology  LP "Herd It Through The Grapevine - Ten From Texas."  

PUNCH  (Jeff Walton & Dane Cessac)

     Punch photo from 8-24-91 Houston Press
     Houston Press ad from Punch's first show on 10-31-89
     Post card from first show on 10-21-89 at the Washington Ave. Showbar in Houston
     Postcard promoting Punch's second show on 10-30-89 at Zelda's in Houston
     Postcards from 2-3, 5-24 through 26, 6-22, and 8-31-89 shows
     Postcards from 2-1, 2-2, 2-28, 3-1, 3-15, 3-29, and 8-10-91 shows
      Postcards from 6-28, 8-24, 9-21, and 10-31-91 shows
     Punch released their cassette "Kaleidoscope" on 8-31-90
     Dane's smiling face as featured on the stationary from his printing business

Jeff Walton

     1983 EP "Danger Boy".  Dane Cessac played drums and cowbell on one song.
       "Danger Boy" rear cover credits
       "Danger Boy" photo from rear cover
       1984 single "First Love (The World's Last Love Song)" by Raymond Carpenter.  Jeff played the bass.
       1984 single "First Love" - rear sleeve



Jeff Walton (Film and television score composer)