The Judy's Timeline      by Patrick Scranton


          The rock group  "Mystic"  was formed with David Bean and Jeff Walton.  They played one concert at a chili dinner.

          "The Cleavers"  with David Bean and Sam Roush were formed.

          "Breather"  with Bean, Walton and Dane Cessac was formed.

          "Mondo Babies" with all three members were formed. 

Oct.    "The Jets" were formed with Bean,  Walton,  Cessac and Sam Roush.

Dec.   "The Jets"  became  "The Judy’s"  due to another band already using the name.

12/12   "Teenage Hang-Ups"  was recorded by the four members.

Dec.     Sam died in an auto accident. 


1/3     A show was cancelled at  Rock Island in  Houston.   The club had already booked another band.

Feb.  "Teenage Hang-Ups"  EP was  released.

3/21    The boys played a concert in the Pearland High School Cafeteria.   "Judy-Vision" movie was shown.    The band   wore black lipstick.   Bean spit out baby food and slung liver pieces around.   Large bowls of Jell-O with baby doll parts cooked into them were placed around the stage.                   


            "Wonderful World of Appliances"  EP was released

             Concert at Duke’s Royal Coach Inn in  Austin.

             Concert at Rock Island.   The Businessmen opened.

             Concert at Raul’s Club  in Austin on a Saturday night.  Delta opened.

             Numerous shows at Rock Island were performed throughout the year.

11/29   Concert at Club Foot in Austin.


3/23    Concert at the Agora Ballroom in  Houston.   F-System opened.

4/17     Concert on the University of Texas campus at the Texas Union.  Other bands were Sharon Tate's Baby, The Big Boys, Delta, The Devices, and Aces 88.

5/18    Concert at the Agora Ballroom.  Videotaped by KUHT TV Houston for public TV.   The theme was the Mount St. Helens Volcano Party.

July    "Washarama" album was released

7/13     Concert at the Agora Ballroom.   Washarama Record Release Party.   The Haskells opened


         Concerts in New York City

         R.E.M. was the opening band for a Judy's show at Club Foot in Austin.  The Make was also on the bill.  The Make featured  Joey Shuffield (Fastball) on drums and John Croslin (Reivers) on guitar and vocals.

         The Judy's opened up for the B-52's.

         The Judy's opened up for the Talking Heads.

         Three shows at Rockefeller’s in Houston .   Two of the shows were back to back on a Saturday and Sunday night.  

8/18    Concert at the Agora Ballroom

9/19     Concert at Club Foot in  Austin

10/3     Halloween Party at Club Foot

Oct.      The Judy's were featured in a "Texas Monthly" magazine article.

12/4     Concert at the University of Houston's Cullen Auditorium.


1/23     Concert at Rice University's Grand Hall in  Houston

1/30     Concert at Club Foot.  The Telefones opened.  The Judy's wore cowboy outfits and carried little toy guns in their holsters.

2/26     Concert at Austin Coliseum.   Opened for the B-52’s


            Concert at the Music Hall in  Houston.   Opened for the B-52’s.

             Other B-52’s shows:  San Antonio,  Dallas,  El Paso and  New Orleans

5/25     The Judy's played their Farewell Concert at the Rock Saloon in  Houston.   The  Standing Waves opened.


          Bean’s "Modomusic"  album was released

          Walton’s "Danger Boy"  EP was released

9/17     David Bean played a show in Austin.  Other bands on the bill were:  The Dishes,  Joe King,  Secret 6,  and D-Day


3/30     Bean and the Dishes played  6th Street Live in  Austin.

8/4      Bean dressed in drag and performed as Arlene "Kitten" Kavana at Fitzgerald’s in  Houston.  The Dishes backed up Kitten.    Later that night ,  David performed as himself with the Dishes once again as the back up band.

9/15     The Judy’s first reunion concert at Fitzgerald’s.   The Zealots opened.

9/21     Bean and the Dishes played at the Continental Club in  Austin.

9/24     Bean was featured on KLOL radio station's "Home Tapes" program. 

9/29     The Judy’s played at the Austin Opera House.   Da Da Curve opened.

10/20     Bean performed again as Kitten Kavana with the Dishes at Fitzgerald’s.

10/25     The Judy's played an early show at Numbers in Houston.

11/30     Bean at the Continental Club

12/23     The Judy’s Christmas Show was at Numbers.

12/31     The Judy’s New Year Eve Party was at Diverse Works in  Houston.

 1984      David Bean has the remixed version of "My Imagination" included on the anthology  LP "Herd It Through The Grapevine - Ten From Texas."


3/23     Concert at  the Austin Opera House

6/28     Concert at Fat Dawg's in Lubbock  

July     The "Moo" Album was released.   (This album was almost titled "Killer Pussy".)

7/11    Concert at Crossroads in Nacogdoches

7/12    Concert at the Austin Opera House in Austin

7/13    Concert at the Dallas Arcadia Theater in Dallas

7/18     The "Moo"  Concerts  (2 shows)  at Numbers.  The boys wore their Milk Man costumes.  A moving conveyor system with hundreds of milk cartons on it was the backdrop.  Giant cereal boxes also adorned the stage.

7/24      Concert at Graffiti's in Corpus Christi

7/25      Concert at Dr. G's in Bryan/College Station

8/01     Concert at Shenanigan's in Huntsville

8/9        Concert in Austin

              Concert in Beaumont at the Montagne Center at Lamar University.  The Missiles and The Dishes opened.

Sept.    The Judy's played an outdoor concert at Independence Park in  Pearland  for the Founder's Day Celebration.   The Milk Man costumes were worn.

Oct.       Concert at Rice University

Oct.       The Judy's were featured in Texas Monthly magazine.

Oct.      David & Jeff were interviewed on Houston radio's  QZOO - 93 FM. 

11/13 & 14  Concerts at Crossroads in Nacogdoches

11/15     Concert at the Ritz Theater in Austin

12/19     Concert at Numbers in Houston

12/28     Concert at the Arcadia Theater in Dallas


1/3       Concert at Graffiti's in Corpus Christi 

2/1      Concert at Rice University

Feb.    Dane appeared on the T.V. show  "Wheel of Fortune."   He finished in third place.

6/5      Two concerts at Numbers  

12/27    Concert at The Longhorn in  Dallas.    The line up was Bean and Walton, Matthew McCarthy on drums, and  Scott Krchnak on the sax.  Vanita Esphahanian played the part of the stunning Russian back up dancer.      Shallow Reign opened.

          The Judy's song "Riding In a U.F.O."  made it into the movie soundtrack of  "Something Wild".     It's not on the soundtrack LP, though.


            The record release parties for the "Girl of 1000 Smells" boxed EP were at Numbers  (2 shows).   Bean,  Walton,  McCarthy,  and  Krchnak were the line up.

2/14     Concert at the Arena Theater in  Houston with  Bean,  Walton,  McCarthy,  Krchnak,  and Esphahanian.

7/15      Concert at the Fast and Cool Club in  Dallas


3/11     Concert in Dallas

7/28     Concert at The Basement in  Dallas

8/25     Concert at Xcess in  Houston

9/2       Concert at Waco Convention Center

9/9       Concert at Liberty Lunch in  Austin

9/15      Concert at UH/CLC in  Clear Lake

9/28      Concert at Crossroads in  Nacogdoches

Summer      "Cool Aid" benefit concert at the Cave Club in  Austin  to raise money to buy the Cave Club a new AC unit  (2 shows).

            "Married To The Mob"  movie soundtrack contains the Judy’s song "Ghost In A Bikini" and a Bean song performed by Bean and Dickie Malone,  "She’s Got Everything".   Neither song is on the soundtrack’s  LP.


1/27      Concert at Liberty Lunch

6/17      The Judy's played the Spring Music Festival with Joe Ely,  Miss Molly,  Ezra Charles,  and Shake Russell in  Spring, Texas.

7/29      Concert at Aquafest in  Austin.   The Reivers opened.

10/21     Punch put on its first concert at the Washington Ave. Showbar in  Houston.    Walton, Cessac,  Adrian Perez,  Ward Allen,  and Jerry Caliendo were the members..

10/30     Punch at Zelda’s in  Houston

11/13     Punch at Fitzgerald’s


2/3       Punch at the Washington Ave. Showbar

5/24     Punch at Zelda’s

5/25     Punch at the Washington Ave. Showbar

5/26     Punch at Dan Electro’s in  Houston

6/22     Punch at Dan Electro’s

8/31     Punch cassette Release Party for "Kaleidoscope" at Dan Electro’s


            David Bean released a CD under the Judy's name called the "Land of Plenty."     David ,  Lee Malone,   Barbara Donaho, and Darwin Keys made up the cast of this one.

2/1       Punch at Club Da Da in Dallas

2/2       Punch at the Washington Ave. Showbar

2/28     Punch at Cannibal Club in   Austin

3/1       Punch at Dan Electro’s.

3/15     Punch at the Washington Ave. Showbar

3/29      Punch at Club Da Da

6/28      Punch at Fitzgerald’s

8/10      Punch at Fitzgerald’s

8/24      Punch at Downtown Grounds in  Houston

9/21      Punch at Downtown Grounds

10/31    Punch at Fitzgerald’s


          "Tales From the Edge Vols. 5 & 6" CD. (KDGE Radio in Irving,Texas).  "All The Pretty Girls" included in this compilation.



Summer     Raul’s Reunion Show at Liberty Lunch


1998         The Judy's get a brief mention in the book "Texas Music" by Rick Koster.



4/2        The Judy's play a secret surprise reunion concert at the Pearland Center Theater.  The Mod Caesars opened the show.