Write Ups

     Write up from the Pearland High School Pipeline on 10-17-79 featured the four members of  "The Jets." 
     Another clip from the Pipeline dated 3-14-80.  "Teenage Hang-Ups" was released.
     September 1980 gig at Raul's Club in Austin
     Pipeline clip from 12-19-80 
     Houston Chronicle clip from 3-15-81
     Pipeline clip from 4-4-81
     1981 shows in Houston
     June 1981 clip from the Houston Chronicle
     "Washarama" Record Release Party review from the 7-16-81 Houston Post
     "Washarama" LP review from the first issue of the Austin Chronicle on 9-4-81.
     Clip from Buddy Magazine in 1981
     July 1981 clip from the Houston Chronicle
     My favorite clipping.... I saw the Big Boys open for the Go-Go's and then saw the Judy's all in the same week.  September 1981 Austin
     Austin Halloween Party on 10-31-81
     Austin Statesman ad from 1-23-82
     Austin Chronicle ad from 1-24-82
     Austin Daily Texan write up from 1-30-82
     The 3-1-82 cover of Images Magazine from the Daily Texan
     Images write up from 3-1-82
     Farewell Party at the Rock Saloon in Houston.   Houston Post 5-27-82
     Judy's Disband!   Houston Chronicle May of 1982
     The September 1984 cover of the Fitz Herald magazine
     September 1984 Fitz Herald article
     September 1984 Fitz Herald article part 2
     Houston Chronicle clip from 9-15-84
     Daily Texan ad from 9-29-84
     Judy's First Reunion Concert!   Houston Post 9-15-84
     Reunion show review from the 9-16-84 Houston Post 
     Austin Chronicle write up from 9-21-84
     Cover of the Austin Chronicle from 9-21-84
     Austin Statesman clip from 9-27-84 
     Austin Statesman clip from 9-28-84
     Statesman review from 9-30-84
     Christmas Bash.   Houston Chronicle 12-23-84
     "Moo" shows.   Houston Post clip from 7-25-85
     "Wireless" magazine article from 1985
     Texas Monthly magazine from October 1985
     "Cow Power Tour '86" concert.  Houston Post clip from 6-2-86
     Dallas Observer article from 12-25-86
     Dallas Observer article from 12-25-86 
     Houston Press write up from 8-27-98
     Austin Chronicle write up from 8-11-00.  In the Music News section by Ken Lieck